How I Almost Died in Copenhagen


It was about 3 am and I was on the 4th story floor hanging in the window in my underwear about to jump on the roof about 10 feet down and across the alleyway. Alright I’m jumping ahead a little bit, lets rewind and I’ll tell you how I ended up there.

I didn’t actually almost die. But it sure sounds cooler when I say it like that. I’ll get to what happened, but I want to tell you a little bit about Copenhagen. One of my favorite places I visited in Europe. The reason I loved it so much was because it was one of the cities where I arrived without a plan and had absolutely no idea what to do. I arrived by train from Hamburg, Germany at about 7 in the morning. I had my backpack and had just slept all night on the train. I had a night paid for at a hostel in the center of the city. I checked in and left my pack there in the room that I was sharing with about 8 other people. They were mostly all from Japan and didn’t really speak any English. Luckily, almost every local speaks fantastic English. You will find that this is true for most of Europe. Everyone speaks two or three languages. We suck in America. I left my stuff in the hostel and walked out the door and picked a direction and decided to go that way and find out what I could experience. I ate some awesome waffles and found a river with a bunch of colorful houses. It’s that beautiful spot where you see all the pictures with the tall skinny houses all in red, blue, yellow, and black. I overheard some people talking about the little mermaid statue that is a big attraction in Copenhagen. I had to check it out. It was pretty lame. I wouldn’t recommend it. It was like those situations where there is all this hype and you see this big crown and I arrive there and just say “hmm, that’s neat.” I wandered around the city all day checking out some museums and getting good food.

Now that I got through all that boring stuff here is where the day gets weird. So, my hostel is like a big 5 or 6 story building with probably hundreds of people staying there. It is like a hostel hotel. They have accommodations for people ranging from families to ppl paying as less as possible to have a bed. That was me. I went to bed at about 11 pm feeling pretty good about the chill day seeing the beautiful city of Copenhagen. I woke up at about 3am to screaming and a loud alarm going off and a recorded voice over the intercom saying: “Fire, Fire, Fire, please exit the building…. Fire, Fire, Fire, please exit the building” I thought I was dreaming. Everyone was scrambling to get out of their beds, rush to the stairway, and exit the building. We were on the 4th floor and the stairway door was about 3 feet wide and the whole floor was smashing into it trying to downstairs. I could smell smoke and there were kids crying and everyone shoving to get downstairs. My first thought was no way I’m gonna leave this building in only my underwear and let it all burn down. So, I left the crowd and ran back to my room and grabbed my phone and ran back out. That’s all I grabbed… my phone. I had great priorities. Everyone is struggling to get out and I told myself there is now way I’m dying up here with all these people. So, I run to the bathroom and open window to climb out. Thank goodness Europe doesn’t believe in screens on their windows. I was perched on the windowsill, half naked, about ready to jump onto the roof across the alleyway with my phone. I was about to do it when this guy ran in the bathroom and grabbed me. He said the fire was just a stove fire and there was no danger. We all made it outside and I sat out there for about 2 hours waiting for the fire department to clear the building for us all to go back in.

I was pretty disappointed I wasn’t able to jump out of a window in my underwear in Denmark. It would have been a way cooler story, but it was still quite interesting of a night. And that is how I almost thought I was gonna die in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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Sagrada Familia

Imagine having an idea for the craziest cathedral ever built and its gonna take decades to finish. You start construction and then 130 years later it is barely finished. That is essentially what happened to Antoni Gaudi and his masterpiece: La Basilica de la Sagrada Familia.

Let’s do a quick history run, to show you how amazing this place actually is. It began construction in 1882 and it is still under construction today! Gaudi is famous for his gothic style architecture and unique artistic style.  He is basically a god now in Barcelona. His work is some of the best things to see in the city. George Lucas said that some of his architecture is what inspired the Stormtrooper’s helmets in Star Wars.  Gaudi took over the Sagrada Familia project from another designer and applied his own ideas into what is being constructed today. When Gaudi died at age 73 in the year 1926 the project was less than a quarter complete. A huge reason it has taken so long is that it was stalled by the Spanish Civil War for a couple decades but was able to resume construction with help from private donations and funding from visitors.

The entire building is covered in symbolism. Its spires represent the apostles and other bible figures. The entire story of Jesus Christ is carved into elaborate sculptures all over the front of the entrance. One side is the nativity scene, the other is the calcification and other stories of his life. It is absolutely insane to look at in person and try to imagine the work and effort put into creating it. Besides the St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome it is one of the most fascinating structures I have ever seen. Art Critic Rainer Zerbst said: “It is probably impossible to find a church building anything like it in the entire history of art”

The enormous number of visitors it receives each year is its primary source of funding as they strive to complete the building by 2026 with all the decorative aspects completed by 2030.

The video shows some incredible views as it towers over city of Barcelona. The inside has gigantic pillars extending into the sky that are carved to resemble giant trees and you feel like you are inside a forest. All the windows are perfectly designed to let the light in in just the right way to resemble a forest with sunlight beaming through the branches. It becomes very clear that there is not a single aspect of the cathedral that was not specifically designed to symbolize a religious concept or to give a certain feeling and awe to visitors.  Antoni Gaudi was buried in the tomb of his biggest masterpiece ever.

You can go in and take a tour of the whole cathedral for about 15 bucks and you can have an audio guide with headphones that will explain things to you as you go through the building. It is absolutely amazing and a must see for anyone visiting Barcelona, Spain.

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