FAQ Questions

  1. What equipment did you use for the photography and videos?
    1. Everything is shot with my iPhone 7 plus and Gro Pro Hero 5
  2. What credit card did you use abroad?
    1. Chase Sapphire Reserve works literally everywhere and gives you extra points for dining and travel expenses
  3. How did you use your cell phone services abroad?
    1. I bought a prepaid SIM card from Vodophone that is available all over Europe. It can go in iPhones and you can pay for a certain amount of Data to use each month. There is great data service almost everywhere and worked out great. Also, Wi-Fi is more available everywhere just ask people.
  4. How did you have money to do this trip?
    1. I worked two jobs while going to school at nights and saved money for a year and half.
  5. What was your favorite place.
    1. Switzerland! It is where my family is from and is absolutely beautiful everywhere. I love mountains and the mountains in Switzerland are amazing.
  6. How much freedom did you have to travel around on a study abroad?
    1. I had as much freedom as I wanted, I had to attend classes on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday and the weekends I would travel to different places. It took some discipline and you can read more about it here: How I was a study abroad student in Barcelona and traveled to over 10 different countries in Europe at the same time.
  7. Did you spend a lot of money on food? What is the pricing of food like in Europe?
    1. Yes, there is a huge temptation to eat out ALL the time. I did my best to buy food from grocery stores or little shops and only eat out on the weekends. I also as able to live with a local family who cooked most my meals during the day. This was a benefit of the study abroad program!
  8. Do you use a travel agent?
    1. I did not, I figured and planned everything by myself.
  9. What are your favorite/most effective ways to save for a trip?
    1. I committed to my family members to save a certain amount every paycheck. They always kept tabs on my savings and helped me to be consistent. The key is to involve others to help you not cheat yourself. It is like promising others. I also worked two jobs and took night classes in order to save for it.
  10. Did you do study abroad through your school or a third party company?
    1. I did it through a company called ISA, https://studiesabroad.com/. Everyone who works there is amazing and made it an extremely easy experience.

Got any more questions? Let me know!