Why Switzerland is the Best, Ever.

I want to tell you about Switzerland and my trip there. My photos will be much more exciting than this post will be. But if you don’t want to immediately drop what you are doing and catch a plane to Switzerland after this then I have failed miserably.

My only regret about Switzerland was not having enough time to explore it more. I had always wanted check it out because my family, the “Kohlers” are originally from Switzerland. So it has all that special family ancestor stuff that everyone talks about.

The first thing I noticed arriving in Switzerland by train is the mountains. Now, here in Utah where I am from, we have beautiful mountains. But, it is nothing compared to the astonishing mountain landscape that is Switzerland. I love mountains. I love the metaphor that they are for the challenges that we encounter in life. They rise above us, intimidating and dominating our thoughts. Only when we conquer them and reach the summit can we look down and understand the benefit of the challenge that we had to get to the top. I had planned to stay in a mountain town if Interlaken. It is a rather wealthy town, but I soon realized that all of Switzerland is much wealthier that most the countries in Europe. Maybe it was just the slim perception of the areas I saw, but it seems like the Swiss are just on another level than the rest of the world.

My train was pulling into the town and I saw a bunch of people parasailing in the sky. I immediately signed up and hit the parasailing bright and early in the morning. It was a terrifyingly beautiful experience. They strap you in in front of an expert and you start sprinting down a steep slope on top of the highest mountain. The parasail catches the wind and you fly above the mountains, the crisp blue lake, and you swiftly drop into the center of the town. It goes by insanely fast but was one of the best experiences of the whole trip. I wanted to get out of my comfort zone as much as possible and my fear of heights made this a number one attraction to conquer. Luckily, I had a trusty expert to handle all the real stuff. I was just along for the ride.

I climbed some mountains, rode bikes down a beautiful trail, and ate some barbeque ribs that I didn’t know could exist outside of a 4th of July BBQ. If you ever are thinking about visiting Europe, and you don’t go to Switzerland, I don’t even know if you are a real person. It is my number 1 recommendation for a visit in all of Europe. Everyone speaks English and is extremely kind and welcoming. There were so many other things I wanted to do but didn’t have time. You can take a trip to the highest mountain where it is always covered in snow and they filmed some of a James Bond movie on, you can take rafting trips, and repelling expedition into a canyon that is lit up for miles with neon lights. It is my number one spot for any return trip I make.

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