How I Traveled to More than 10 Countries While Studying Abroad in Barcelona.

Why am I even making this blog? Why should you read? What gives me the right to event talk about this stuff? Should you listen to me? Honestly, probably not. But let me tell you a quick summary of what I did and what you might be able to get out this.

I had just finished my Junior year of college and was heading to Barcelona, Spain for study abroad. The program began in the middle of May and went until the first week of August. So, I would be abroad for about 3 months. This is a relatively short option for study abroad, but it was also cheaper! The plan was to take about three classes all studying Spanish, this would complete my Spanish minor. I had saved up money for a year and a half to be able to go and support my goals of traveling around Europe. I lived in a home-stay, which means I lived with a local family who cooked my food, washed my clothes and basically acted as my family in Barcelona.

jordan spain5

They were absolutely incredible and made me feel at home right away. Everyone always asks me how I was able to travel around so much and attend school. The answer is discipline. I generally don’t have much so when I told my family I was going to practice discipline to finish the classes, so I could travel they laughed in my face. This is what I did.

My classes were scheduled to be Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Starting at 8:00 AM and I would be done by 2 PM with the classes. I forced myself to not leave the school until I had finished all assignments and studying for that week. This left me the time I wanted on Friday through Monday to do whatever I wanted. It was HARD. My classes were advanced Spanish classes like Spanish Literature of the Golden Age of Spain. I had to read all of Don Quixote in Spanish. If you don’t know what that is look it up and see how many pages it has. It was insanely hard, and I didn’t understand most of it. It is like reading old English books but in Spanish.  So that is how I was able to finish my classes and still have time for travel.

On the weekends I took trips to different parts of Spain, I went to Montpelier, France and a town that was the home of Vincent Van Goh in France. I did all that in one weekend and would be back in for class on Tuesday. I took a plane to Belfast, Ireland for a weekend and I also visited places like Rome, Florence, Venice, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, and Sweden. The end of my trip I took the most advantage of being in Europe already and made it to Switzerland for a few days where I visited the land of my ancestors and parasailed in Interlaken.

I probably sound like I’m bragging, which I am. It was an amazing experience and being able to take advantage of being in the study abroad program and make so many new friends and see amazing places is an experience I will never forget. In my other posts I will go further into ways I saved money, essential things to take, posts about places I visited, and hilarious stories. You won’t be disappointed, or maybe you and will never read my posts again. I’m fine with that, I am writing stuff I would like to read and trying to express how I did my travels and how I will make future travels. I made most of these trips all by myself and it was quite an adventure.

Go read my other posts. Stop. Just do it. Archives

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